I dislike the Moe from the 3 stooges because he's so abusive, and like many of my friends from school, I dislike the Annoying Orange because of his obnoxious voice/laugh and yellow teeth. However, I dislike Windows Media 12 more. This is why I prefer WMP9/10 Series over 12.


  • The Classic, Headspace, heart, Toothy, Atomic, Bluesky, or Windows Classic, Windows XP, Canvas, goo, iconic, Miniplayer, Optik, pyrite, Radio, Roundlet, splat, & Rusty skins are all missing
  • I lost almost ALL of my Battery visualizations when I was running WMP12 (All that was left in my Battery collection was "Randomization")
  • No Mini-Mode :(
  • No Windows Media taskbar in Now Playing Mode
  • No Color Chooser
  • No Party Mode
  • Every time I open a file or go to Now Playing mode it always opens up in Compact mode.
  • Commonly crashes
  • Floating Controls in Now Playing mode (Really annoying and more annoying than the annoying orange)
  • Why on Earth did Wmp12 come with an awesomeoperating syste (Windows 7)
  • Huge Album Art size in Library, opposed to Wmp11's smaller Album Art size. I can't believe that WMP is currently a hot mess in the Library
  • It keeps using the wrong album art and is just pretty much randomly reading the tags. I loved WMP11 for the fact that it could manage my tags great.
  • The Ambience, Particle, Spikes, and Musical Colors visualizations are all missing
  • The Plenoptic visualization is showing up on the list, but If I select any Spikes visualization other than the Chinese-looking "Spikes" visualization and switch to Full Screen, they move 2X faster than they normally would in Full/Skin mode.

So now you see why I, like many other WMP fans, see that WMP12 is a hot mess and WMP10 and below were, or rather are(because I'm running it on my Windows 7) so Revolutionary, Awesome, and Sexy

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