My laptop broke down recently, so I had to use my PC, which has WMP12. Luckily it's no longer crashing. I've imported the other visualiations in the Battery collection by updating WMP12. but I've restored Spikes by getting my old WMPUI.DLL from WMP7 and registering it as Admin in CMD. when I open up my visualization menu, I see that Spikes is there along with the other 3 normal visualizations and the other 3 Non-DXE visualizations. Wikipedia says that the reason for the removal of the Non-DXE visualizations was that they were shifted to the left on wide screen computers (Mine is a Wide Screen) or that there were no full screen controls. I ended up removing Particle and because it was shifted to the left with a thick black bar to the right, and Ambience and Plenoptic because there were no full screen controls (And the visualization would turn red and yellow sometimes too!!!). seems to me that there's nothing wrong with spikes. When it is in Full Screen, it is not shifted to the right and there are ufll screen controls and the visualization does NOT turn red and yellow. Spikes seems Full featured to me. I don't get why they removed it from WMP11 AND WMP12. Anyways, to the right is a screenie of what I have

Screenshot of Spikes under wmp12

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