1. Spikes
The Spike visualization, set to the "Spike" preset.
Versions Available in: 7, 8, 9, 10
Current Status: Former visualization
Developed by: Averrett & Microsoft
Years Available: 2000-2006
Random Preset: No
Related Visualizations: Bars and Waves, Particle
Full-Screen Controls Yes

Spikes is a former visualization for Windows Media Player versions 7-10. It is in the Bars and Waves Family, and it featured round circles that would stretch out when music was being played. Unfortunately, like Ambience, Musical Colors, Particle, and Plenoptic, Spikes was removed because it couldn't handle Video Card support for versions 11 and 12.

Color Variations Edit

The "Spike" preset is usually yellow. However, In WMP 7, 8, and skin mode of 9 and 10, the "Spike" preset is red. In WMP 9, the "Spike" preset is generally yellow in color, but if "Use Black as Background color" is enabled, it is green. Additionally, the "Amoeba" preset is also usually yellow like the "Spike" preset, but in WMP 7, 8, and skin mode of 9 and 10, the "Amoeba" preset is green.


  1. Spike
  2. Amoeba

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