Softie the Snowman II
Softie The Snowman II Snow And Softie

The one and only "Snow and Softie" preset from the Softie the Snowman II visualization.

Versions Available for: 8, 9 Series, 10, 11
Current Status: 3rd Party Visualization
Developed by: Microsoft and Averrett & Associates
Years Available: 2001 - 2006
Random Preset: No
Related Visualizations: SnowTime, Winter, Yule Log
Full-Screen Controls: Yes

Softie the Snowman II was a downloadable visualization for Windows Media Player and was a sequel to SnowTime. It originally appeared in the Windows Media Player 8 for Windows XP. This visualization features Softie, the dancing snowman, with a background full of trees and white glowing snow + 3D snow and is seasonal for the winter holidays. In order to see the snow, Windows XP or higher was needed with a 3D Graphics Card. However, this visualization has long since vanished and can never be downloaded again.


  • Snow and Softie