The Plenoptic visualization, set to the "Smokey Circles" preset.
Versions Available in: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Series, 10
Current Status: Former visualization
Developed by: Averett & Microsoft
Years Available: 2000-2006
Random Preset: Yes
Related Visualizations: Alchemy, Ambience, Battery, Musical Colors, Trilogy
Full-Screen Controls: No

Plenoptic was a visualization for Windows Media Player versions 7-10. It is in the Musical Colors Family. This kind of visualization was a paint look-a-like.  Unfortunately, this visualization, like AmbienceMusical Colors, Particle, and Spikes, was removed because it had problems with full-screen controls for versions 11 and 12.

Smokey Circles Preset Variations

The "Smokey Circles" preset goes from blue and green to yellow and orange first, then later to other arrangements of those colors.


  1. Random
  2. Smokey Circles
  3. Smokey Lines
  4. Vox
  5. Flame
  6. Fountain
  7. Spyro