Picture Viz
Picture Viz

The icon for Picture Viz II on the Microsoft website.

Versions Available in: 9 Series,10, 11, 12
Current Status: 3rd Party Visualization
Developed by: Averett & Associates
Years Available: 2003 - Present
Random Preset: Yes
Related Visualizations: Musical Colors, Trilogy
Full-Screen Controls For Picture Viz I: Yes
Full-Screen Controls For Picture Viz II: Yes

Picture Viz is a pack of visualizations for Windows Media Player versions 8-12. It is in the Musical Colors Family. This visualization is also avaliable in the Windows Media Bouns Pack for Windows XP. What makes this visualization so special is that all the pictures that you've saved in your documents will appear in this visualization. However, to download this entire pack, you need to download it separately on the Microsoft website. They are listed as Picture Viz I and Picture Viz II.

Picture Viz I PresetsEdit

  • Pop Transition
  • Transparency Transition
  • Zoom Transition
  • Squirt Transition
  • Twirl Transition
  • Dissolve Transition
  • Random

Picture Viz II PresetsEdit

  • Favorite Transitions (Optional in PictureViz2 Options)
  • Random Selection - Basic Transitions
  • Random Selection - Geometric Transitions
  • Random Selection - Particle Transitions
  • Random Selection - All Transitions
  • Basic - Pop Transition
  • Basic - Transparency Transition
  • Basic - Zoom Transition
  • Basic - Curtains
  • Basic - Dissolve Transition
  • Basic - Toaster
  • Basic - Swipe
  • Basic - Rotate
  • Pattern
  • WetGlass
  • Spiral
  • Flourish
  • Undulation
  • SpotLight
  • Twirl Transition
  • Disperse
  • SeaGrass
  • Ripple
  • SquareS
  • Transport
  • Variegate
  • Suck Transition
  • Dematerialize
  • Spin
  • BullsEye
  • Radial

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