Bubbles Centered

The Bubbles visualization, set to the "Centered" preset.

Versions Available in: 11, 12
Current Status: 3rd Party Visualization
Developed by: Tim Cowley and Stephen Coy
Years Available: 2007 - 2009
Random Preset: Yes
Related Visualizations: Album Art 3D, Distortion, Gigertron 3D, Hypnobloom, Ribbons, Up Cuber
Full-Screen Controls: Yes

Bubbles was a current visualization from the Psychedelia Viz Pack designed for Windows Media Players 11 and 12. It featured rainbow bubbles for all of its presets. Depending on what album you were listening to on Windows Media Player, it will show that image on one of the bubbles. There is also a screensaver option for recent versions of Windows with the exact same name. The download like the Psychedelia Viz Pack is no longer available from Microsoft and has since vanished.


  • Random
  • Centered
  • Gravity
  • Pop