• ImhotepBallZ Redo

    WMP11 Beta

    April 15, 2014 by ImhotepBallZ Redo

    In Vista Beta, in the early days of Vista and WMP11 and before it was available for XP users, WMP11 itself was essentially a mix of WMP10 and WMP11 as seen in a few screengrabs. While retaining some aspects of version 10's Energy blue interface, it incorporated WMP11 and WMP12's library style and had WMP11-orientated controls, although they differed from the final version. Also, the option to show song info during now playing mode was kept and in the "About Windows Media Player" dialog box, although it specifically states that it is version 11, the pic to the left still states "Windows Media Player 10". Also, the "9SeriesDefault", "compact", "heart", and "Quicksilver" skins were still there.

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    Coming Soon!

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    This is just what I realized today: in Windows 8, WMP12 doesn't have the info center view.  On the left is the photo of WMP12 running on Windows 7 which I took last summer, and on the right is WMP12 running on Windows 8.1. Notice, the Info Center View has vanished, leaving only No Visualization, Album Art, Alchemy, Bars and Waves, Battery, Spikes, and Download Visualizations...

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    Spikes under WMP12

    August 16, 2012 by ImhotepBallZ

    My laptop broke down recently, so I had to use my PC, which has WMP12. Luckily it's no longer crashing. I've imported the other visualiations in the Battery collection by updating WMP12. but I've restored Spikes by getting my old WMPUI.DLL from WMP7 and registering it as Admin in CMD. when I open up my visualization menu, I see that Spikes is there along with the other 3 normal visualizations and the other 3 Non-DXE visualizations. Wikipedia says that the reason for the removal of the Non-DXE visualizations was that they were shifted to the left on wide screen computers (Mine is a Wide Screen) or that there were no full screen controls. I ended up removing Particle and because it was shifted to the left with a thick black bar to the right,…

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    You heard it, Ambience, Particle, Plnoptic, and Spikes were removed when WMP11 came out because they were Non DXE somehow. However, even OLDER versions had more interesting visualizations called "Musical Colors" and I've managed to restore Musical Colors by registering the WMPVIS,dll file. However, I also restored Spikes after downloading Phthalo's Corona, ColorCubes, WhiteCap, G-Force, and PulsingColors. I registerd the WMPUI.DLL file from WMP7.1 and TADA, Spikes was added to the list. However, I am a little dissappointed that the other 3 NONDXE visualizations were not resotred, just spikes.

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    I dislike the Moe from the 3 stooges because he's so abusive, and like many of my friends from school, I dislike the Annoying Orange because of his obnoxious voice/laugh and yellow teeth. However, I dislike Windows Media 12 more. This is why I prefer WMP9/10 Series over 12.

    • The Classic, Headspace, heart, Toothy, Atomic, Bluesky, or Windows Classic, Windows XP, Canvas, goo, iconic, Miniplayer, Optik, pyrite, Radio, Roundlet, splat, & Rusty skins are all missing
    • I lost almost ALL of my Battery visualizations when I was running WMP12 (All that was left in my Battery collection was "Randomization")
    • No Mini-Mode :(
    • No Windows Media taskbar in Now Playing Mode
    • No Color Chooser
    • No Party Mode
    • Every time I open a file or go to Now Playing mode it always o…

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    Can't delete skins

    December 29, 2011 by ImhotepBallZ

    I enjoy all my skins (mostly the Corporate, Revert, and Quicksilver ones). Luckily, I can't delete my favorite one, the Corporate one. The others (9SeriesDefault, Compact, Quicksilver, and Revert) have the Red X, but they're owned by Administrators. Luckily, I can delete them because I am one of the Administrators. However, I don't want to delete them because all 5 skins fit my mood when my current PDC'03 Full Mode skin starts to get really boring. Power to Windows Media Player 11!

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  • ImhotepBallZ

    My Windows Media Player

    December 29, 2011 by ImhotepBallZ

    Like lots of other people, I have Windows 7. My type of Windows 7 is Ultimate 32-bit (as said in the picture to the right). Of course, it has Windows Media Player, but it is not version 12, its version 11! I followed the directions given to install Wmp11 on Windows 7, and voila, working. I got the PDC'03 skin from Deviantart and installed it to get my current WMP.

    The following is my current visualization menu

    • No Visualization
    • Album Art
    • Alchemy
    • Bars and Waves
    • Battery
    • BlazingColors
    • Full Screen (Alt+Enter)

    The following is my collection of Windows Media Player skins

    • 9SeriesDefault
    • Alien Morph
    • Alienware Invader for WMP
    • Alienware Darkstar WMP11
    • Atomic
    • Blinx
    • Compact
    • Corporate
    • Disney Mix Central
    • Doobie Brothers
    • Ducky
    • Ginger Woman
    • Heart
    • Jodelle Ferland 12
    • QuickSilver
    • Rev…

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